Our Use Cases

Our Use Cases

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Providing a major mining operation all weather satellite surveillance and early warning on community activity

Providing off-taker with mine activity intelligence to improve engagement with multiple mines

Climate stress testing a barging plan for coking coal investment and development planning

Identify unreported red flags and ESG performanace in low GAR energy supply chain

Baseline barge congestion and bottlenecks on the Barito river with hybrid satellite imaging

Remote estimation of landslide risk, disturbance and forest liabilities from illegal miners

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Project manage deployment of AI to identify business initiatives for yield and GHG reduction for mine mouth assets

Site suitability scouting and diligence at island grid scale for solar and green H2 portfolio development

Supporting earthworks risk planning for a mega-scale green H2 and NH4 facility in Australia

Identify constrains and project safeguards risks for ADB and ESDM backed solar and green H2 renewables project

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Infrastructure and climate change resilience advisory for Australia's DFAT Indonesian infrastructure facility

Supporting toll road land acquisition planning with time-series evidence on flood history

Baseline ground and structural movement assurance for smart city development and 3rd party toll road

Advanced time-series analysis of surface movement and subsidence detection for the Palembang MRT transit-orientated development

Nature based Solutions
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Secure RSPO certification for an international palm grower with natural capital investment solution

Fast-track Blue Carbon and NbS Aquaculture pipeline development with eligibility screening across millions of hectares of coastline

Remote screening and dilligence services of Forest Carbon assets for NbS pipeline development

Applied location AI to estimate deforestation risk from smallholder farmers in palm oil supply chain

Deep learning prediction of biodiversity loss for palm oil mills supply chain risk management