make better project decisions with insights from space

We help clients optimize investment in projects dependent on nature through stress-testing climate, physical and ESG factors

Understand what’s there today, the emerging risks and opportunities to reach your investment goals

Developing investment certainty for projects and pipelines involving battery metals and minerals, agri-commodities, forest carbon, green hydrogen to capital infrastructure is a challenge for any team.

In ASEAN’s emerging markets, reliance upon limited sources of disclosed data to design and operate projects over the long term is proving to be inadequate.

We help you see beyond static information walls by blending strategic foresight thinking with predictive spatial analytics. In short, we help you answer these critical questions – without ‘boots on the ground’ and with greater confidence:

What are the Environmental Risks?
Quickly get a handle on critical ESG metrics associated with your target project: habitat and forest degradation, loss of watershed function to community encroachment and liability.
What are the Social & Governance Risks?
Formulate resilient community development strategies by understanding the actual threats from encroachment, illegal land clearing, deforestation by smallholders to land claims and conflict.
How does climate change impact asset operation?

Develop high-confidence, asset scale estimates of climate impacts to improve engineering design, CAPEX/ OPEX planning and asset value at exit. Using TCFD structured stress-tests, we estimate areas vulnerable to flooding to forest resources vulnerable to the combined effects of communities and climate change induced fire-weather.

Who We Are

We are a data driven risk advisory based in Southeast Asia. We assemble agile teams of international specialists with a track record of delivering capital projects for private sector, development agencies and banks across Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. As a Mosaic, we automate data gathering; piecing together insights on critical project stressors common to projects in ASEAN and emerging market geographies.

What We Do

Our approach to blends sectoral expertise with scenario-stress test thinking. We develop portfolio to asset-specific information that support your involvement decisions for minerals and metals, capital Infrastructure, renewables and green hydrogen, nature based solutions to plantation commodities. We provide solutions for the following:
Out forest carbon team helps you quickly size up project viability for investment. Our software provides sequential evaluation starting with clean and clear status, AI generated analytics that estimate above and below ground biomass, OSINT and HUMINT analysis of community dynamics driving GHG emissions – and critically the viability of proposed intervention to reduce GHG emissions.

We help you identify hard to detect asset impairments affecting mine and dam safety to understanding the cost-benefit of future proofing design measures for transport infrastructure such as ports and haul roads.
Improve site selection decisions with asset-scale climate vulnerability analysis which factor the watershed effects of change in rainfall intensity, water stress and ground level temperatures.

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