future-proofing your project investment decisions

Pricing project risk with spatial intelligence

Our subject matter experts use machine learning procedures to measure and forecast material shifts across assets and their operating environments. Our AI-powered research helps you answer critical questions – without ‘boots on the ground’, and with greater decision confidence:
What are the Operating Environment Risks?
Estimate the actual ESG stressors at work; from pressure on habitats, forest degradation, ground and asset stability to water quality and supply.
What are the Community Risks?
Join up area change data with open source intelligence to understand property encroachment, illegal land clearing or disruptive stakeholders.
What are the near-term Climate Risks?
Identify sections of an asset vulnerable to flood damage, disruption and higher OPEX risk during operating periods.

Who We Are

We are a risk advisory firm based in Southeast Asia. We work with specialist partners who provide risk management services for development banks and capital project investors across Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. As Mosaic, we focus our collective expertise on forecasting the complex mix of risks common to ASEAN and emerging market geographies.

What We Do

Reaching beyond data rooms and disclosure reporting, we provide a deeper assessment of existing conditions and emerging materiality. We deliver in a non-technical language suited to your investment goals for Minerals, Agri-commodity assets and their landscapes, Transport infrastructure, Production Facilities and Utilities. Depending on your priorities, we develop site-specific risk metrics to quantify material risk in the following areas:
Evaluate potential reputation and disruption risks using independent spatial analytics which estimate impact on ESG performance.
Evaluate social networks involved in illegal mining, forest clearing, property encroachment and estimate the potential environmental impacts and liabilities.
Evaluate risk to Opex and revenue models with detection of pre-existing areas of ground or asset instability, quantified to mm accuracy.
Evaluate climate risk and vulnerability during operational life with asset-scale modelling of rainfall intensity and flood impact across the asset footprint.

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