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We help clients optimize investment in long-life assets through stress-testing climate, physical and ESG risks

Understand what’s there today, the emerging risks and opportunties for reaching your investment goals

We still expect forest carbon projects will deliver GHG reductions, EV metals, agri-commodities and capital infrastructure to operate and deliver returns, despite the increasingly dynamic and uncertain physical and social operating environments. In ASEAN’s emerging markets, relying on historic information to design long life projects is proving to be insufficient when making robust, long term capital decisions.

With strategic foresight thinking backed by predictive analytics, we expand materiality analysis beyond project disclosure and ESG reporting. Our automated workflows help you reach critical decision points by understanding where things that matter to you could go.

We help answer these critical questions – without ‘boots on the ground’, and with greater decision confidence:

What are the Environmental Risks?
Size up your involvement by knowing asset sustainability performance to date. Quickly get a handle on how Governance has played out through estimation of key ESG metrics, habitat and forest degradation, loss of watershed function, water quality, water stress to community encroachment.
What are the Social & Governance Risks?
Formulate resilient community development strategies by understanding prevailing Social and Governance realities such as property encroachment, illegal land clearing, deforestation by smallholders to land conflict.
What are the Climate Risks?

Develop high-confidence, asset scale estimates to improve CAPEX estimates, OPEX and change in asset value for exist planning. Stress-test capital investment decisions through valuable insights on areas vulnerable to flooding to community water stress.

Who We Are

We are a data driven risk advisory based in Southeast Asia. We assemble agile teams of international specialists with a track record of delivering capital projects for privates, development agencies and banks across Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. As a Mosaic, we automate data gathering to quickly piece together the complex mix of project risks common to ASEAN and emerging market geographies.

What We Do

In dynamic geographies with complex social and political systems, we build decision confidence by looking beyond data rooms and disclosure reporting. Our approach to project research blends sectoral expertise with scenario-stress test thinking.

We can enhance your understanding of project development and asset operation by considering emerging risk. Our subject matter experts automate Machine Learning procedures to forecast material shifts across physical assets and their operating environments.

We bring value to your investment decision space with asset-specific information that improves your involvement with investments in Natural Climate Solutions, Agri-commodities, Metals & Minerals, long-life infrastructure assets and Renewables. We provide solutions for the following:

In unpredictable emerging market geographies, you need assurance on how well Green Bonds’ Use of Proceeds can deliver Environmental Returns – and what loan covenants to consider. We provide an independent view that helps you assess a borrower’s material ESG issues and devise relevant ESG performance targets linked to loan structure.

Our second-party opinion uses predictive analytics to develop an empirical evaluation of asset-specific vulnerabilities and levels of resilience, providing you with that necessary level of confidence to meet market expectations for green bond issuance

With a hands-on understanding of the shortfalls associated with reliance upon ESG performance disclosure, we enhance your confidence during the investment diligence process.

Using an evidence-based approach, we examine potential undeclared or unknown ESG factors material to the investment. Our forward-looking perspective examines the project’s future sustainability performance with time series analysis of people and place factors. Your team gains that fuller appreciation of investment merits and practical advice on what ESG factors to include in financial models. Correspondingly, we can advise on what ESG metrics should be measured and monitored for investment impact, managing risks and opportunities.

Identify potential asset impairments on mines, dams and transport infrastructure over asset life. We quantify recent ground movement to mm accuracy with satelite radar screening procedures and cumulative risk due to watershed development and stress. Remote identification of existing and emerging physical risk enhances diligence, provides basis to estimate the potential disruption risk to revenue, OPEX and resiliant capital planning for exit and /or asset closure.
Evaluate how climate change will impact assset values and performance. Our asset-scale climate vulnerability analysis examines change in rainfall intensity, water stress and higher ground level temperatures to provide tailored consequence analysis across the asset’s operating footprint.

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