we help you
build future-ready
projects and
pipelines with
earth intelligence 

we help you build
future-ready projects
and pipelines with
earth intelligence 

project investment on your terms

Mosaic is an accomplished team of scientists, engineers, and industry specialists harnessing Location AI to simplify responsible investment choices for nature-dependent industries.

With hybrid thinking, we enable project teams to:

  • Gain a competitive edge with material information on an asset’s backstory
  • Explore millions of hectares and make site selection decisions without compromising confidentiality
  • Stay in charge of project design, land acquisition planning and community engagement
  • Save time, money, and the hassle of dispatching personnel to gather information.

We streamline project discovery to answer critical questions upfront:

What are the consequential Environmental & Social risks?
Quickly get a handle on the ‘people and place’ stressors for a given area; from the impacts on biodiversity from smallholder expansion, the loss of watershed function from upstream clearing activities to illegal mining networks.
What is the actual Governance record?
Benchmark management response against actual data on biodiversity loss, illegal land clearing, land claims, and community relations.
What are the returns from climate-proofing?
Develop high-confidence estimates of climate change and community triggered impacts, and opportunities to improve site selection, engineering design to CAPEX planning.

Who We Are

We are a Southeast Asia-based intelligence business. We bring together skilled industry practitioners who have delivered capital projects for the private sector and multilaterals across ASEAN, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Africa.

What We Do

We skilled judgement and computer vision, we locate and connect the right dots, helping our clients see the complete picture at the starting line.

We support nature-dependent industries from minerals, renewables, green hydrogen, nature-based solutions, forest positive agri-commodities to PPP infrastructure schemes.

Our use cases have redefined what’s possible for nature-dependent industries in emerging market settings:

Our location models have  evaluated millions of hectares of swamp, wetland, dryland forest, savannah and desert, determining the eligibility of carbon projects to developing renewable energy site inventories. We deliver reliable Go/No Go evaluations without mobilizing personnel.
We specialize in detection of material change at mines, MRTs, industrial facilities to mega scale wind farms in desert settings. We prepare options to support early stage construction planning to evaluating the cost-benefit of future-proofing infrastructure, such as PPP toll road schemes and haul roads in challenging terrain.
Streamline site selection decisions with asset-scale climate vulnerability analysis. Our stress testing considers climate change-induced rainfall intensity and community-driven land cover change impacts on asset operations.

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