Dynamic Risk Intelligence

We provide analytics on complex operating environments which enable clients to make better investment decisions

Dynamic and Dimensional Approaches to Risk

Mosaic examines asset operating environments from the outside in, to better understand existing and emerging risk. Our unique perspective, driven by data and machine learning, independently benchmarks the evolution of project stressors to estimate potential materiality for capital investment plans.

We provide calibrated forecasts of business disruption risk to asset performance, operating margins, and reputation. We do this by looking beyond self- reporting and disclosed data. We prepare independent risk assessments, derived from multiple empirical sources driven by cloud-based processing chains. In short, we can help you answer these critical questions – without ‘boots on the ground’, and with greater decision confidence:

What are the Environmental Risks?

What are the actual or undeclared ESG stresses at work; pressure on habitats, forest degradation, ground instability or pre-existing water quality issues?

What are the Community Risks?

Evidence-based insights on the nature of any property encroachment, illegal land clearing or disruptive stakeholders.

What are the near-term Climate Risks?

What asset areas are vulnerable to flood damage and downtime?

Who We Are

We are a risk analytics firm based in Southeast Asia. We work with specialist partners who have delivered risk management services for development banks and capital project investors across Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa. As Mosaic, we focus our collective expertise on assessing the complex range of natural and social risks common to Southeast Asia’s dynamic geographies.

What We Do

Reaching beyond data rooms and compliance reporting, Mosaic produces dynamic research reports to assess Known, Unknown or Undisclosed impairments, delivered in non-technical language suited to your investment goals. Mosaic provides stand-alone risk reports to complement your research on Mining, Toll Roads, Airports, Pipelines, Ports Commercial Property, Renewables and Production Facilities.

Depending on your priorities, we develop site-specific risk metrics to understand and quantify evolving materiality in the following areas:


Evaluate project sensitivity and potential reputation and disruption risks based on independent ESG project research.


Evaluate social networks involved in illegal mining, forest clearing, property encroachment and estimate the potential environmental impacts and liabilities.


Evaluate Opex and revenue risks from past, present and future ground stability issues quantified to mm accuracy.


Evaluate climate risk and vulnerability during operational life with asset-scale resolution modelling.

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Our mission is to help investors make better informed investment decisions by providing you with the industry’s most comprehensive project due diligence reviews. Contact us to request more information on our offering or to have a conversation in confidence.

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